Our Most Popular Stories of 2015

Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna serves Taiwanese and Mexican fusion street food in Greenpoint. Photo credit: Cayla Zahoran

We have our favorite posts of 2015, and looking at the numbers, these are yours.

It was a big year for photo essays, hidden gems in Crown Heights and boozy concoctions. Street food is ever-popular while made-from-scratch vinegar and free fruit trees, whether or not we embrace them, inspire us to take our DIY sensibilities to the next level. Oysters top the charts though, showing off their wide range of shapes and sizes.

Have a favorite story that didn’t make the cut? Got a story idea that you’d like us to explore in 2016? Let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting to us. We’ll see you in the new year!

1. “A Brief Guide to Oysters and Their Shells” by Jessica Chou


Like wine, oyster shells tell a very specific story. Photo credit: Jessica Chou

We grabbed eight oysters and asked two connoisseurs at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. and Maison Premiere what they could tell us, based only on the shell.

2. “Inside the Cheese Caves Beneath the Streets of Crown Heights” by Claire Brown


The tunnel is humidity and temperature-controlled, featuring shelf after shelf of cheese wheels at various stages of readiness. Photo credit: Clay Williams

The team invested in state-of-the-art equipment and converted one of three underground tunnels in Crown Heights into a licensed New York State dairy plant.

3. “8 Different Ways to Make the Brooklyn Cocktail, Spanning From 1883-1945” by Gabrielle Langholtz

brooklyn cocktail

Shake up one of these to justify your beard and unicycle, or just head out and order one. Photo credit: Sharon Radisch

Not only did the country’s most esteemed drinks historian, a Brooklyn native, write us a thoroughly researched history of the Brooklyn Cocktail, he also furnished not one but eight historical recipes for variations of the theme.

4.  “A Marriage of Taiwanese and Mexican Street Food Specialties in Greenpoint” by Cathy Erway


In Greenpoint, amid a sea of Polish delicatessens and eateries, Lucky Luna is a welcome anomaly. Photo credit: Cayla Zahoran

Lucky Luna proudly serves a smorgasbord of street foods that are inspired by its married co-owners’ heritages.

5. “A Secret Chicken Window in Crown Heights” by Jesse Hirsch


The window in question is on the corner of St. John’s and Kingston in Crown Heights. Photo credit: Jesse Hirsch

Sometimes it feels impossible to separate a fleeting sense of coolness from a meal’s actual quality.

6. “How Etsy Eats” by Chelsey Simpson


Coding and cooking are a craft at Etsy. Photo credit: Liz Clayman

True to the website’s mission, the food program hopes to scale up without losing its crafty spirit.

7. “This New-Old Drink at Montana’s Trail House Takes Four Months to Make” by Rachel Wharton


Each vinegar has different flavors, but all are bracing and restorative. Photo credit: Scott Gordon Bleicher

Chef Nate Courtland makes the cocktail’s cider vinegar from scratch.

8. “At Other Half Brewing, Fresh, Funky Beers Are Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” by Elizabeth Bradley


Since opening last winter, Other Half has produced 2,000 barrels of beer from five fermenters. Photo credit: Matt Furman

Much of this start-up’s beer is consumed the day it’s kegged.

9. “Get a Free Fruit Tree Thanks to the New York Restoration Project” by Claire Brown


This season’s offerings feature more than 25 types of edible trees. Photo credit: Emily Kinsolving

From American persimmons to Shinko Asian pears, their free selection offers promises of future seasons of abundance.

10. “A Day in Ditmas Park” by Tove Danovich

Shayna’s Restaurant

Even with just seven places on this list, there’s no way this culinary day in Ditmas could be completed by anyone with a less-than-gargantuan appetite. Photo credit: Shayna’s Restaurant

Expect made-from-scratch tamales, a flower shop with a whiskey bar alter ego and a late night haunt dishing dumplings.