Ditmas Park

      EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Flatbush Fig Farm

      Accidental fig farmer Nelson Ryland runs the family business with the help of his two oldest sons, Jack, 6, and Sam, 4. At the company headquarters—a beautiful Victorian house in Ditmas Park–fig tree cuttings spill out into every available space.

      EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Purple Yam

      In our magazine, Rachel Wharton takes a closer look at Purple Yam, the sublime Filipino restaurant on Ditmas Park’s up-and-coming Cortelyou Road. As she puts it, “Besa and Dorotan may have both grown up in the Philippines, but their restaurant is to Filipino food what Pies ’n’ Thighs is to chicken and biscuits, what Franny’s and the Frankies are to Italian food: kind of like your mother’s cooking, but only if she once worked the line in a four-star restaurant.”

      IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: The Unlikely Farm on Adderley

      In our current issue, Nancy Matsumoto takes us into the kitchen at The Farm on Adderley, a much beloved locavore restaurant in Ditmas Park created by Gary Jonas and Allison McDowell. Read the story to find out how two people who had no idea what they were doing came to run a fantastically sustainable and delicious eatery.