Best Bites

My New York Food: Murray Hill

In my comedy act, I love to say, “I’m half-Italian… ” and grab my belly, give it a li’l jiggle, “… this half!”

My New York Food: Matthew Rhys

The older I get, the saltier my craving, and the Oyster Bar never fails. Washed down with an aggressively cold lager, there is no better stolen lunch.

Dashi Okume

Duck into Dashi Okume, the Greenpoint outpost of the 150-year-old Tokyo dashi shop, and prepare to be dazzled…

Dumpster Dining: Trash is Trending

In Rochester, you’ll find White Hots—pale, unsmoked, and uncured sausage of beef, pork, and veal, served griddled—and that town’s infamous Garbage Plate.