Choose Your Favorite Cover for Our Upcoming Drinks Issue

The time has come for our next issue, but just one thing: we need a cover. Help us decide which image from our upcoming issue should grace stands across Brooklyn.

We’re putting the finishing touches on our annual drinks edition that’s set to hit stands at the beginning of next month. You can expect local stories about the Brooklyn cocktail, a drink that takes four months to make, a rising local brewery and more.

But it won’t be ready until we have a cover, and that’s where we need your help. See our options below, cast your vote and spread the word in support of your favorite photo. We reserve the right to make the final call, but put a lot of weight on what you have to say.

Starting with the Brooklyn cocktail and scrolling to the right in the gallery above,

  1. Sharon Radisch, the Brooklyn cocktail
  2. Scott Gordon Bleicher, Montana’s Trail House (switchel toddy with banana bread s’more)
  3. Scott Gordon Bleicher, Montana’s Trail House (Storm Scout cocktail)
  4. Matt Furman, Other Half Brewing Company

Can’t see the form below? Try this link.




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