Perhaps This Will Be Jay-Z’s Favorite New Cocktail?

A new blend from Scotland inspired drinks here on the homefront.

Here’s recipe four from the five cocktails that made it through the preliminary round of judging for our Great King Street Cocktail Competition; we asked local professional mixologists to submit seasonal recipes made with the new Compass Box Scotch blend, which is designed for mixing.

This is the Tinderbox from Anthony Sferra at Buttermilk Channel. (You know, the Carroll Gardens restaurant where Jay-Z and Beyoncé spent New Year’s Eve?) We’ll be publishing more recipes this week, so stay tuned until the winners get crowned Monday.

The Tinderbox Cocktail
from Anthony Sferra of Buttermilk Channel

Build in rocks glass

1 cube of demerara sugar
2 dashes Peychauds bitters
1 dash A.B Smemby’s Highland Heather bitters (Brooklyn owned and made)
3/4 oz of Compass Box Peat Monster
1 1/4 oz Compass box Great King Street Scotch
Orange peel twist for garnish

Muddle sugar and bitters in bottom of glass. Tilt glass at a 45 degree angle and gently roll through glass in your hands, coating the sides of the glass evenly with sugar/bitters crystals. Add Scotch, one large ice cube and stir gently. Garnish with flamed orange twist.

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