William Mullan’s ‘Odd Apples’ Project Celebrates the Fruit’s Diversity

odd apples

The ‘Odd Apples’ project is about capturing that never-ending process of discovery and sense of wonder. Above: “Knobbed Russets Family”

Apples are a microcosm of everything that is awesome—in the most real sense of the word—about the natural world. Their heterozygous nature means that each apple tree that grows from seed is something entirely new.


“Red Saint Lawrence,” “Niedzwetzkyana,” “Nutting Bumpus”

There are estimated to be 7,500 named cultivars of apples in the world, a comically intimidating number. As we learn more about apple genetics, that number will likely fall; yet even if it were to halve, anywhere close to 3,000 cultivars is still incredible.


“Hidden Rose”

My “Odd Apples” project is about capturing that never-ending process of discovery and sense of wonder. It is a celebration of this stunning, funny, sexy and strange fruit.


“Redfield,” “Frequin Lacaille,” “Pink Pearl”

Each one apple is styled according to its personality—a combination of its looks and its flavor. This is a selection of apples from the first (now sold-out) Odd Apples book, published in 2018, and the next upcoming edition, which will be ready in 2020.


“Knobbed Russets – Honeycomb,” “Golden Russet,” “Maiden’s Blush”

Some of these apples look like frogs; some are pink inside; some look psychedelic, and some look like stars. Of course, this is just a tiny sample of what this most curious fruit has to offer, one that will hopefully inspire you to seek out more odd apples.


Odd Apples prints will be on display at Industry City through January 1, 2020. Visit oddapples.photo for details, updates on book two and select print releases.

You can also follow Odd Apples photographer Willam Mullan @pomme_queen for seasonal #pommecon. Odd Apples book, cover and typography designed by Andrea Trabucco-Campos.