Our Guide to This Week: June 13, 2016



Food Loves Tech is a wrap! Thank you to everyone who joined us this past weekend. We’re working on our write-up, and you can check out our tagboard in the meantime. We ate bugs, drank seaweed, test drove VR and much, much more. Were you there? Let us know what you thought by leaving us a comment. Hope to see you there next year!

What we’re doing:


Monday: It’s a beautiful day to enjoy rosé on a rooftop. Luckily, Rosé and Rooftops! is happening at Bar Hugo tonight.

Tuesday: Go to MOFAD for a talk on fast food by Andrew F. Smith, which will be preceded by a reception featuring healthy versions of your drive-through faves.

Wednesday: Our Name Is Farm is celebrating its third anniversary at Jungle Design, featuring “some of the best craft products grown and/or produced locally, transparently and sustainably.”

Thursday: Red Hook’s the Good Fork is serving up six courses for its 10th anniversary.

Friday: Love herring? Go to Grand Central Oyster Bar for their 36th annual Holland Herring Festival, which will run through July 1.

Saturday: Crafts come to East River State Park via the Renegade Craft Fair, which will feature some live performances in conjunction with Northside Festival.

Sunday: The French Cheese Board wants you to enjoy not just eating cheese, but looking at it, with this exhibit of cheese art.

Coming Up: In July, we’ve got Good Beer—make sure to get your early bird tickets! Hopping the LIRR or Hampton Jitney in August? Don’t miss our Food Truck Derby, taking place on the East End.

What we’re watching and reading:

We told you that Threes Brewing is now packaging their beer in cans, and now you can buy it online.

Reformation, the shop for cool eco-friendly clothing, is now asking you to drink sustainably with its web series on wine.

The biggest egg producers have pledged to stop killing male chicks.

Feeds we’re following:


New Prospect Heights restaurant Olmsted boasts a backyard garden in addition to its brilliant menu.

Check out some shots from Food Loves Tech, which ran this past weekend.

Samesa has left Berg’n for Jacob Riis Beach, and it looks like we have to get out there soon ourselves.

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