Food Book Fair Tickets Now on Sale

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A glimpse of last year’s Foodieodicles display at Food Book Fair. Photo credit: Facebook/Food Book Fair


Food Book Fair, perhaps one of the first food conferences in history to launch a spinoff, is back in 2015 with its usual panoply of panels and speakers addressing topics that range from food in visual culture to rethinking food labeling. Like any good food loving gathering, taste buds are invited to participate: George Weld and Evan Hanczor of Egg will be crafting a “multi-course conceptual literary dinner” on Saturday night. Pre-read The Member of the Wedding (or check out SparkNotes if you’re feeling nostalgic for your lazy high school days) so you won’t miss any references.

The book fair, now in its fourth year, brings together great minds from across the food world. This year’s conference, held at the Wythe Hotel from April 10-12, boasts the most impressive speaker lineup yet. “The panelists this year bring diverse perspectives from all over the food community, from Natasha Bowens speaking about farmers of color, to legendary critic Mimi Sheraton speaking about favorite foods from all over the world, to panelists debating food labeling at a MOFAD roundtable, to the chefs of Bar Tartine making and discussing a vegetable- and grain-forward meal. It’s rare to see all of these people at the same event,” managing director Kimberly Chou told Edible.

Tickets run $349 for the full weekend but some events are available à la carte. Plan your visit here.

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