Burlesque, Gumbo and Tap Dancers: Celebrate This Year’s Mardi Gras in Fort Greene

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mardi gras nyc


If you hate Valentine’s Day, this year’s liturgical calendar may offer a bit of relief: Fat Tuesday falls on February 17, just three days after you’ve nearly suffocated under relationship pressure, felt insecure about being single or let loose on your yearly Consumerist Holiday Tirade. You can take a deep breath, make some soon-to-be-forgotten Lent resolutions and trudge through the mounds of slush to the Irondale Center in Fort Greene to partake in some good old-fashioned Mardi Gras–style debauchery.

“There hasn’t been a big, authentic, Mardi Gras party in the city, and I wanted to produce an event incorporating tap dance and burlesque,” Jimmy Carbone of Cook Out NYC and Jimmy’s No. 43 told us when asked about the inspiration for the upcoming event. They’re taking over a space that (fittingly) used to host Sunday school classes, and they’ll be bringing Astoria Tap Crew, burlesque dancers, Mona’s Hot Four and a gumbo cook-off from 6:00–10:00 p.m. They’ll also be offering spirits curated by Modern Distillery Age and several craft beers. VIP ticket holders have access to a balcony overlooking the venue and a raw bar. Treat yourself here.

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