RECIPE: White Pike Bloody Mary

White Pike Bloody Mary

Local, seasonal cocktails sound hard to come by, until you realize you live in a city that’s surrounded by sweet corn and tomatoes. White Pike Whiskey, located in the Finger Lakes, does all the farming, milling, distilling and bottling to create their smooth, clean whiskey. Below, Steven Ljubicic from White Pike gives us his recipe for the perfect fall cocktail, the Bloody Mary.

White Pike Bloody Mary

McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix is not too heavy with tomato, and it has a touch of pickle brine and natural spices.  The sweetness of the local corn adds the perfect contrast to the spice that’s in the mix.


White Pike Whisky
McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix


1. Mix 2 portions of Bloody Mary Mix to one portion of White Pike.
2. Add ice and serve immediately.

To get your hands on a White Pike Bloody Mary, head to the New Amsterdam Market on September 29, October 27, November 24 or December 15.

Kate Findlay-Shirras

Kate is a non-fiction producer with a soft spot for the sea. She created to promote sustainable seafood practices in her community.

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