Facebook/Kimchi Taco
Facebook/Kimchi Taco

As you may already know, we’ve teamed up with Brooklyn Brewery for this Wednesday’s “How to Prepare a Korean Feast” event. We’re happy to be joining with a few local Korean food specialists, including the much-loved Kimchi Taco, who will share demos, discussion, and (our favorite) samples.

And did we mention that tickets are only $5?!

We recently caught up with Kimchi Taco to learn more about their inspiration for their business, as well as what they’ve got planned for the event. Founder Phillip Lee started the truck out of a desire to share his love for Korean food with the world. In doing so, his main challenge was to figure out how to make the cuisine accessible and memorable for the general public.

The result: a truck (as well as a brick and mortar location) that serves delicious housemade kimchi along with barbecued beef, braised pork, or chicken.

Edible Brooklyn: What was your inspiration for going in to business?
Kimchi Taco: 
Phil worked as a general manager for the city’s prominent restaurateurs, including Jeffrey Chodorow and Steve Hanson of the BR Guest Group.
Phillip spent years building restaurants from the ground up. In 2010, he decided to realize his dream to change America’s perception of Korean food.

EB: What’s the inspiration for your menu and recipes?
 It comes from Phillip’s love of street food and marrying different flavors to create innovative and contemporary cuisine.

EB: What demos or dishes do you plan to share with guests at Edible’s “How to Prepare a Korean Feast” event?
Mike Calderon, the executive chef of Kimchi Taco & Kimchi Grill will give a demo on how to make kimchi. In addition to the traditional red kimchi, he’ll share some more unusual varieties of kimchi.

Want to learn more? Come on out to see for yourself!

Ariel Lauren Wilson

Lauren is the former editor-in-chief of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn.

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