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From August to early November, autumn-olive trees around the city are loaded with red currant-like berries, easily identifiable by their silver-stippled skins. In our current issue, Marie Viljoen shares tips for where to find the trees, when to taste the berries and how to turn the sweetly tart fruit into luscious autumn-olive jam.

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Regional Character: Exploring Native Flora with Marie Viljoen

Join Marie Viljoen as she unearths the potential of a number of these native plants that occur prolifically in the Northeast and across much of the United States, including bayberry, pawpaw, spicebush, and sweetfern. Viljoen will discuss the flavor profiles of these native plants (along with invasive but edible weeds) as well as their preparation and preservation methods in botanical and culinary detail.

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Microgreen Hunt

In early spring the edible seedlings and young shoots of flavorful invasive plants like garlic mustard, day lilies, ground elder, and mugwort are beginning to show themselves. Come and learn to spot them on a brisk walk in Prospect Park.

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9 Places to Picnic in Brooklyn

‘Tis the season to take an extra long lunch break or to spend all weekend outdoors and have a picnic. Next time you get out and enjoy the sun, consider hitting up one of these locations.

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RECIPE: Sumac Vodka from 66 Square Feet

In our latest issue, we share the story behind Marie Viljoen’s new book, 66 Square Feet: A Delicious Life. More than just a recipe book, 66 Square Feet brings the reader into the life of forager, gardener, chef and blogger Viljoen who has gained recognition for producing elegant meals in a small urban setting.

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