Sixpoint Will Give You Free Beer After Completing These Outdoor Events

Brooklyn’s Sixpoint and REI are teaming up to host “Jammer Hours” around New York State—post-excursion kickbacks to promote the Red Hook brewery’s Jammer Gose as “the perfect active beer.” Photo courtesy of Facebook/Sixpoint

When you think summer fun, you might think of cracking open a cold beer or getting rugged with a challenging hike—just, probably not at the same time. But that might soon change.

Brooklyn’s Sixpoint and the recreational equipment chain REI are teaming up to host “Jammer Hours” around New York State, which are post-excursion kickbacks to promote the Red Hook brewery’s Jammer Gose as “the perfect active beer,” according to the press release.

While typically beer and outdoor fitness occupy totally different spheres, Sixpoint brewmaster Eric Bachli, who’s been a longtime fan of REI, said the collaboration was a “natural fit.”

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“Our culture is active and adventurous—you’ll find us outdoors whenever we have the opportunity,” Bachli said. “We are super pumped to combine our love for the outdoors and beer through this partnership.”

The list of activities ending in a “Jammer Hour” currently includes basic skills lessons like map and compass, intro to hiking, and wilderness survival, as well as some bouldering and mountain biking sessions. Several of the planned activities will be held in Prospect Park and Central Park. After getting a workout in, or learning something new, participants are treated to a complimentary round of beers provided by Sixpoint. It should be noted though that the events themselves are not free, but do come at a discount to REI members.

Because goses tend to be a light, low-alcohol, refreshing style of beer, Jammer seemed the natural fit for the cross promotion. According to the brewery, a can of Jammer contains 125 calories as well as electrolytes due to the added sea salt. So basically, it’s just a slightly boozy sports drink, right?

Starting this month, Jammer is going to be a year-round release, and the limited Citrus Jammer (with lemon and lime juices) is returning for the summer. Sixpoint is also debuting three new Jammer varieties: Tropical, made with mango and pineapple; Ruby, with grapefruit and tangerine; and Berry, with cranberry, raspberry and strawberry. The Berry variety has the well-rounded tangy-sweet taste you might expect from a fruited sour beer, and the Tropical and Ruby varieties are sour, refreshing and not at all overpoweringly fruit-forward.

So even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, the new fruited goses are highly crushable hot weather brews. They’ll be sold in Session Packs of 15 and available year-round. And for the summer, six-packs of the Citrus Jammer will be on shelves as well.

Fitness-friendly beer might sound too good to be true, but the booze itself might be just enough to get even the biggest air conditioning enthusiasts out of the house and pitching tents. Kicking back with a fruited gose? Now that’s one way to enjoy the great outdoors.