Sweet Dough Will Deliver Cookie Batter to Your Doorstep


For Brooklyn baker Drew Kohl cooking is about relationships.

“It’s how I communicate and connect with people, I make them cookies or cupcakes,”Kohl said, the love evident in her voice as she talks about growing up in Los Angeles watching her pastry chef mom cook, working herself as a line cook through college in New York and her startup, Sweet Dough.

Sign up for a monthly delivery service of dough and have tins of cookie dough delivered to your door.

Sweet Dough is a cookie dough delivery service. Dangerous, right? You order tins of Kohl’s two signature flavors: dark chocolate chip with sea salt (a crunchy, dark, sweet and salty cookie) or oatmeal currant (a chewy, flaky, sweet cookie) anytime or sign up for a monthly delivery service of dough that includes tins of specialty flavors, past flavors included Mexican hot chocolate and lemon bar.

“Half are family recipes and then half are new takes,” Kohl said. Each tin comes with ten ready to bake cookies, making it easy to pop one, two or more in the oven and let the mouthwatering smells of freshly, baked cookies overtake your apartment.

Pop a few in the oven and within 15 minutes the mouthwatering smells of freshly, baked cookies will overtake your apartment.

While she grew up in kitchens, the inspiration for Sweet Dough didn’t occur until while home for from college one summer, Kohl’s dad suggested  she and her mom start a company. The two spent the summer selling cookie dough at farmers markets throughout Los Angeles,  testing it out. Kohl returned to school determined to launch her own company taking business and environmental classes for her last two years and becoming a member of Bedford Stuyvesant culinary incubator Brooklyn FoodWorks.

Bake cookies, dip in milk, enjoy.

Kohl loves experimenting with different recipes and while she works to expand the delivery portion of her business she’s also looking forward to sharing some of her tips during two-hour cookie dough workshops. The first of which take place this January and February

“We’re going to make dough, drink some hot cocoa, it’s going to be a nice night,” Kohl said.