This Blogger Reimagined Our Print Issue as DIY Beer Labels (and You Can, Too)

diy beer labels
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Have you seen these homemade beer labels made from upcycled Edible issues? They’re the brilliant creations of Renee Baumann, the design student-turned-blogger-turned-chef at 61 Local.

When she’s not busy turning out sophisticated bar snacks, Baumann consistently inspires us with her blog “Kitchen Table Scraps.” Her DIY techniques are designed to elevate ingredients (and old magazines and t-shirts) without breaking the bank. From homemade microwaveable popcorn cards to an entire block of gingerbread brownstones, she writes meticulous and accessible instructions for everything she does.

Baumann was inspired to make her own beer labels when she got tired of drinking her homebrew out of plain brown bottles. “When you’ve made something really special, I think the presentation makes a difference,” she says, and we couldn’t agree more.

First homebrew (or canning project) ready for labeling? Follow the instructions on her blog to make your own block-printed labels. She carved her own wood block, but you can use any stamp you like. Design your own online or visit a craft store for supplies. Make sure to use oil-based block printing ink and an Edible you’ve already read.

Upcycling our old issues in other creative ways? We’d love to see them! Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram at #EBDailyPic.

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