Help Threes Brewing Launch a 3,000 Square Foot Green Space in Gowanus



Threes Brewing in Gowanus is one of those places you wouldn’t mind getting stuck in a snowstorm: They open at 7:00 a.m. as a coffee shop, host three-week pop-up stints from all-star restaurants like Roberta’s and Mile End and brew their own beer. Blizzard season is (thankfully) behind us and the brewpub is celebrating with the unveiling of a huge outdoor space that will seat 140 and eventually grow enough hops for a small batch of beer each year. But they need your help for the final push in making their Gowan-oasis a reality: back their Kickstarter campaign and score an invite to a secret midnight party or a cup of Ninth Street espresso in the garden.

They’ve already begun construction on a 16′ x 45’ steel trellis which will grow ivy, wisteria vines, and, of course, hops. “This is kind of a cool ecological experience,” co-founder Josh Stylman tells us, “If you take this lot in the middle of Brooklyn and make it a really big green space, will people want to come?” The answer, I think, is yes — they’ve already reached half of their funding goal within the first ten days. But like all Kickstarter campaigns, they won’t see any of it unless they’re fully funded. “In an environment where we’re seeing lots of taller buildings popping up around the city, we sort of want to go in the opposite direction,” Josh says. They’ll be planting herbs, trees and flowers in raised beds all over the 3,000 square foot space and they’re hoping to open an outdoor bar this summer.

Join them at the official opening of the garden on Sunday May 3 for their first annual crawfish boil. Tickets are $25 and include a 3-5 pound bucket of crawfish and a pint of their own beer — not a bad deal, and you can bring a friend if you’re willing to share. They’re using a New Orleans family recipe and they’ll also cook red rice and beans. “No one will leave hungry,” Josh laughs. There are a few seatings over the course of the afternoon, but grab your ticket now — the 3:00 p.m. reservation is almost sold out.

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