What’s in Season: February 5, 2014

If you’ve had the opportunity to try beef from grass-fed cattle, then you may have tasted a difference. Grass-fed beef — like the meat raised by Sun Fed Beef in Earlville, NY — is known for being both leaner and having a more nuanced flavor as compared to its grain-fed counterpart.

About this time in February, we think a hearty steak or bubbling bœuf bourguignon can comfort a range of winter doldrums. A couple years back, we even published an entire good meat issue around this time of year to celebrate some of the best of our borough’s carnivore culture (sorry, Jonathan Safran Foer).

Hungry for more? Just about any cut you can imagine is available this time of year thanks to the mircales of refrigeration and freezing; here are a few that are on our shortlist:

Rib steak (marries well with a light winter salad):

meat 2 good eggs

Good Eggs

Shaved steak (pairs remarkably well this Takashi’s apple marinade recipe):

meat 3 good eggs

Good Eggs

Stew meat:

meat 4 good eggs

Good Eggs

Stir fry meat:

meat 5 good eggs

Good Eggs

Bacon (we lighten it up with this fried kale with fish sauce, mint and bacon recipe):

meat 6 good eggs

Good Eggs

Shortribs (our Sunday shortribs in cider and tomatoes recipe from the Edible Brooklyn Cookbook is an ideal weekend meal):

meat 7 good eggs

Good Eggs

This post is the most recent in a collaboration with Good Eggs. You can read more about Sun Fed Beef on their website. Want more of what’s in season? Check out our “What’s in Season?” section of our sidebar (to the right) for some of the best of our timely content.