Holiday Events Worth Attending This Week

union square holiday market

Caroline Lange: the Union Square Holiday Market
How can I resist those striped tents? I always like to poke around after ambling through the Greenmarket — even if just to smell the spices for sale, drink cider and look at the crafts.

Gabrielle Langholtzthe Union Square Holiday Market
Oh, Union Square Holiday Market, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without you. When I worked for the Greenmarket, how I envied your stands — open every day! Complete with light, heat, electricity! And all your stripes make you look like a candy cane wonderland. Remember, Union Square Holiday Market, the time you sold me that crazy $12 magical head massager, and I paid with my debit card, as if I were in a real store, even though it was still the Bush Administration and iPhone weren’t born yet? Those were the days. And now you’re so damn delicious, what with stands like Nunu Chocoaltes, Brooklyn Brew Shop, even Momofuku Milk Bar and my favorite — Farm to People. I guess we’ve both grown up, both those stripes look great on you. Well, I’ll see you this weekend, Union Square Holiday Market. And then, on Christmas Day, you’ll be gone.

Eleonore Buschinger: Roberta’s Holiday Market
I’m in the middle of finals but I live so close to Roberta’s that I have no excuse. Their holiday market is a must. It’ll be the perfect study break this weekend. Can’t wait to check out all the vendors, get a few gifts for my brothers to bring back some Brooklyn coolness to Paris and eat a pizza or two — finals make me hungry.

Lauren Wilson: Chocolate Making Classes at Raaka Chocolate
I think the name of this class explains itself, but what made me even more interested in this class was a recent write-up about Raaka by Ruth Temianka on Edible Brooklyn. The Red Hook-based business does not roast their beans like conventional chocolatiers, which allows for the nuances of a particular variety to shine. Ultimate perk of this session? You get to take home the bar of your making. Pretty sweet, no?

Photo credit: Ethan Covey

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