Revive Your Dinner with These 4 Local Greens

Thank heavens for greenhouses. Here are some salad tips to inspire your winter meals.

Editor’s note: Good Eggs no longer operates in New York City.

Generally considered as short, cold and grey, February is not known for offering a vibrant selection of seasonal produce. Well, we certainly weren’t the first to say it around this time of year, but thank heavens for greenhouses.

We wrote about Gotham Greens back in the fall when they were on the verge of opening a 20,000-square-foot solar powered greenhouse on the top of Whole Foods Brooklyn. They’ve since opened that location, but also offer their pesticide-free produce year-round through other outlets including Brooklyn’s Good Eggs.

We’re grateful for the green. Along with these three easy salad ideas, here’s some inspiration to revive your winter meals:

Try this butterhead lettuce with our peanut honey dressing from the Edible Brooklyn Cookbook:

good eggs bib lettuce

Good Eggs

You can incorporate this red oak leaf lettuce into this warm beet and curly endive pistachio salad:

good eggs lettuce

Good Eggs

Toss this gourmet lettuce medley with a simple vinaigrette:

good eggs lettuce

Good Eggs

The best use of basil this time of year? Obviously as a garnish for this classic margherita pizza from Roberta’s:

good eggs basil

Good Eggs

This post is the most recent in a collaboration with Good Eggs. You can read more about Gotham Greens on their website. Looking for more seasonal stories? Check out the “What’s in Season?” section of our sidebar (to the right) for some of the best of our timely content.




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