EDIBLE GLIMPSES: The Slow Spirits of New York

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Last night’s Slow Food Second Annual Spirits of New York event at the Astor Center was so much fun and so a-flowin’ with talent, tasty tipples, and — it’s got to be noted — team spirit, it would be pretty great if we could get all these folks together every week for a crafty cocktail hour of the locapour kind. But back to that cheerleader-sounding notion of team-ness: It was one of the things last night that really stood out when you looked around the room and visited each of the producers and saw the spirits or syrups or tinctures or liqueurs of their own mixing with the spirits or syrups or tinctures or liqueurs of others. They shared, they joined forces, they urged you to visit and taste the wares of a so-called competitor on the other side of the room. The craft spirit movement of our Empire State is less a territorial kingdom, really, then it is a land of collaboration. And you know what they say — what grows together goes in a Boston shaker together.

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