This Reminds Us of What We Really Wanted to do on Holiday


If most ordinary people look forward to catching up on season four of Breaking Bad during those (hopefully lazy) days just before New Year’s, we consider boredom the best incentive to cook. On rare occasion when there’s nothing to do all afternoon, we like to try our hand at making al di la’s beet green gnudi or maybe starting homemade sauerkraut and roasting a whole chicken prepped in the malted barley brine we bought from the Meat Hook last month. That’s why when we stumbled upon this almost-soaked menu yesterday at Wythe Avenue and North Sixth Street, it reminded us to remind you that as much as we love eating out in this fine borough of Kings when we have a free day to do so, there’s little better for many of us in the Edible community than a day spent cooking… alone, with friends, with family; preferably with both. If we wish you one more experience in 2011, may it be a great meal made at home.

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