Hell Yes Roberta’s! Kudos on Your Two Sweet Sifton Stars in Today’s Times

A perfect Roberta’s pie, as captured by our photo editor Michael Harlan Turkell.

“A rural-urban-hippie-punk food Utopia,” huh? Damn straight. We’ve been singing the praises of what’s on the plates at Roberta’s Pizza since we profiled the place back in 2009. (Read the piece right here; it scored us Edible‘s first-ever Beard award.) It’s not like the place has been under the radar for plugged-in city foodies — ha! — but you often heard people praise its wonderful funkiness (internet radio station in shipping container; tiki bar with frozen drinks; rooftop cats and kale) before they mentioned it’s kick-ass food, from a kitchen run about as sustainably and locally as a kitchen can be, most of the time. And here in today’s Times Dining section Sam Sifton gives it not just one star, not just two stars, but a trio (kind of). “For eight people a week, Roberta’s is a three-star restaurant, no matter the paper napkins or hard wooden seats.” We aim to be among those eight, every week.  Vive la (food) revolution!

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