Audible Edible: This Week on Heritage Radio Network, Music Meets Food, and Vice Versa

Cook, listen, learn.

Today at 3 p.m. on his Heritage Radio Network program our photo editor Michael Harlan Turkell interviews Leigh Newman of Black Balloon Publishing and her co-author Michael Hearst. With the help of Hearst’s band One Ring Zero, they just published a cookbook/album called  The Recipe Project. First he asked some of the country’s best chefs (Tom ColicchioDavid Chang,Michael SymonAarón Sanchez, Chris Cosentino and Mario Batali, for starters) to send him a recipe and suggest a style of music: Then he turned the cooking how-tos into songs. (One of the recipes in the book/songs on the album is actually Harlan Turkell’s: Tunisian Tinged (Chicken) Drumsticks set to Art Blakey’s “A Night in Tunisia.”

Also check out the most recent episode of the Matt & Rachel Show, where guest (and sandwich maker) Jenn de la Vega competed against the co-hosts in a game we like to call the Mind Kitchen. De la Vega and myself had to create a three course meal (in our minds) using only goat, raspberries, lentils, seaweed and lobster mushrooms. Good stuff; plus De La Vega filled us in on her plans for hoagie domination in years to come. (Hint: She wants to use mainly Filipino ingredients, as yet rarely seen on a sandwich.)

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