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We’ve never met a local spirit we didn’t like. From Finger Lakes rye to Brooklyn gin, and farm-to-table bartenders throughout the region, here’s all our stories on New York Spirits. Don’t miss our upcoming annual homage to regional cocktails, Good Spirits, on Feburary 2013.

Hillrock’s New Single Malt Rocks the Glass

At last month’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic, a cowboy-hat wearing Dave Pickerell, Master Distiller for Hillrock Estate Distillery, gave me a “C’mere, kid!” crook of the head, beckoning me to something secret seeming. He pulled from his tuxedo jacket’s breast pocket a small, glass bottle full of an amber-hued liquid and grinned.

Cacao Prieto’s Widow Jane Whiskey

Trying to describe Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Cacao Prieto is a tricky task – is it a distillery? A chocolate making wonderland with a heavenly shop full of organic confectionery treats? A science lab and farming-innovation think tank?

Finger Lakes Distilling: White Pike Whiskey

The mash bill of this young whiskey (its aging is all of 18 minutes) combines local corn, spelt, and malted wheat, and it’s meant to be a receptacle of a spirit – for whiskey lovers who don’t dig vodka, it’s the equivalent of a base-spirit blank canvas. It’s soft, fruity, and creamy in your mouth, with just a little bit of sweetness that lingers subtly on your tongue from the corn.


New York Distilling Company’s Allen Katz

Whether he’s pursuing his first batch of authentic rye or a prize-winning beard, Allen Katz throws himself completely into his projects. And from what we can tell sipping New York Distilling Company’s gins, his passion is paying off.