Fairway Market Arrives in Georgetown, Brooklyn

“From caviar to paper towels.” That’s how Oumar, the general manager at Fairway Market’s newest location at Brooklyn’s Georgetown Shopping Center, summed up the store’s specialties.

On January 18, 2017, Fairway officially opened their Georgetown store, bringing a wide and eccentric array of offerings to customers in Bergen Beach, Canarsie, East New York and Howard Beach. The Georgetown location is Fairway’s second in Brooklyn and fifteenth overall, and the supermarket chain is using their newest location to introduce some exciting developments.

You’re immediately greeted by a massive, airport-style sign, proclaiming about a dozen deals on seasonal produce. Labeling and signage systems have been streamlined throughout the store, ensuring easy access to organic, kosher and discounted items, and many aisles have been set up so that one wall of entirely conventional items face a wall of specialty items. The beauty and supplements aisle, which is sometimes tucked away into a corner at other stores, is prominently located and easily accessible at Georgetown.

Andrea Sneddon, Fairway’s social media manager, described their goal as “creating an easier flow through the store, and something that feels a little more natural than having to look into different cubbyholes to find things.” She described it as distinct from some of Fairway’s other stores, notably their Red Hook location, where you “have to go through totally different sections to find anything.”

When you walk through the produce section, it’s immediately apparent that Fairway Georgetown has a more spacious feel than many other Fairways, despite the fact that it has less raw floor space than the flagship Upper West Side store.

In addition to Fairway’s typically expansive cheese, coffee, deli, fish and meat sections, Fairway Georgetown is also home to a made-to-order juice bar, pizzeria and fresh-pulled mozzarella station, all firsts for the chain. Fairway Georgetown is also working with Palermo’s Bakery in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, to operate their custom cake program, and the store is also selling Fairway’s new “Meal for Two” grab-and-go meal kits.

Fairway is in the process of establishing relationships with schools near Georgetown as part of their Community Partners program, which allocates 3 cents of every dollar spent at Fairway by parents from local schools, and donates it to that school’s PTA fund. According to (2nd woman), Fairway also sells gift cards to churches and other local organizations at a discount, allowing them to raise money by selling them at face value.

“We want people to come here and get whatever they want,” said Carmen Taydus, a social media consultant for Fairway. “What’s the phrase?”

“Everything for everybody,” Sneddon answered. It’s Fairway’s new corporate motto.
Writing and photos by Ben Jay

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