PHOTOS: A Pilgrimage to Dine in the Scandinavian Backcountry

One of our local freelancers, Rachel Nuwer, recently published a piece for the Smithsonian about her pilgrimage to one of Scandanavia’s most respected restaurants called Fäviken. In her story entitled “Deep in the Swedish Wilderness, Discovering One of the World’s Greatest Restaurants,” Nuwer describes what seems to have been a both a luscious and visceral meal.

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Le Weekend en Montréal

In our current issue, Jessica Applestone shares the story of how she and her husband fell in love with Montréal, that great city known for bagels, poutine, smoked meat sandwiches and the glorious nose-to-tail pork mecca Au Pied de Cochon. Read the story for her in-depth recommendations for the perfect Montréal weekend, packed with as many edible delights as one could possibly consume in 2.5 days.