Food For Thought

Big Cheese

Italian immigrants brought new ingredients to Brooklyn—and the American diet.

Remembrance of Chestnuts Past

On this continent, the bountiful American chestnut (Castanea dentate) once provided food and shade for man, bird and beast—from the Atlantic to the Mississippi.

Winter-Schminter: Warm Up with the Latin Food and Boogaloo Dance Party at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Just because winter has set in doesn’t mean all signs of life have disappeared from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden–in fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Especially on Friday, February 10 from 8pm to midnight, when you can be transported to Latin America at LUSH, an evening of tastes and sounds (and dancing) in celebration of BBG’s collection of 6,000 (and counting) tropical orchids.

Win Two Tickets to Bubby’s Mark Twain “Feast Spectacle” with Author Andrew Beahrs

We’ve got two free tickets to give away to Wednesday’s dinner, which Bubby’s is calling a “feast spectacle.” The menu is based on the fantastic list of American foods Twain listed out in his 1907 book A Tramp Abroad, essentially a list of what the author was longing to eat upon his return from Europe–he called their food “insipid.”