For Restaurants or Anywhere, a PSA in Case of Sexual Harassment


sexual harassment

Thinking of the choking first aid posters ubiquitous in New York restaurants, San Francisco restaurateur, writer and activist Karen Leibowitz imagined a similar “what to do” PSA in light of the industry’s rampant sexual harassment revelations.  Cherry Bombe editor-in-chief Kerry Diamond and Brooklyn-based designer Kelli Anderson helped realize her vision, creating the above free download that’s also available in Spanish and Chinese (Cherry Bombe also sells a poster for $10).

“My hope is that this will be in the back of every restaurant, alongside the posters outlining workers’ rights to a minimum wage and breaks,” Leibowitz writes on her website. “Sexual harassment is a work safety issue that should be taken as seriously as choking. It’s much more common than choking, for one thing, and for another, it needs to be acknowledged before it can get better.”

You can listen to Leibowitz describe her process and motivation in making the PSA in the above episode of Mother Jones‘s Bite podcast. We also reprinted it for cutout in our most recent issue, which you can find here. Please do print or rip this page from the magazine and hang it in your workplace, restaurant or not. Fortunately/unfortunately it’s relevant everywhere.

Featured photo credit: Liz Clayman

Ariel Lauren Wilson

Lauren is the former editor-in-chief of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn.