For $37, Taste 24 Whiskeys at 24 Different Spots Across the City


Science has proven that a nip of whiskey can alleviate your cold symptoms, so consider the NYC Good Whiskey Passport doctor-approved preventative care. From December 13, 2016 to February 13, 2017, this is your ticket to a whiskey or whiskey cocktail at over 20 bars and restaurants in the city. You can make your purchase according to pickup zone, in Kips Bay, Williamsburg, the Financial District or Hell’s Kitchen.

This ticket to health and merriment comes courtesy of Good Passports, Booze Menus, Time Out New York, and Yelp, with proceeds benefitting Rescuing Leftover Cuisine—an organization featured in our Holiday issue. The nonprofit’s mission is as clear as its name: connecting what could be food waste to those who can use it to feed the hungry. “In the past three years, RLC has reclaimed more than 600,000 pounds of food (or an estimated half a million meals based on the USDA estimate of 1.2 pounds of food equaling one meal) and set up partnerships with about 100 businesses, including Dig Inn, Starbucks and Katz’s Deli,” writes Bree Shirvell in her profile of the effort.

For VIP passport buyers, there’s a kickoff event on Monday, December 12 at Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails. There you’ll be able to taste whiskies from local distilleries New York Distilling Company and Van Brunt Stillhouse. The participating bars and restaurants offer a lot of variety both in location and style, from the southern fare of Williamsburg’s Bourbon Springs to the Forest Hills Station House in Queens to Kings County Distillery‘s Navy Yard digs. There are also a few “bite upgrades” built in at specific spots, where for just $5 you can also snack on some grub like a soft pretzel at Sons & Daughters NYC and fried mac and cheese at Keg No. 229.

This is a ticket no whiskey lover (or person with a cold) should pass up.