James Corden and Chef Mads Refslund Dish on Fire and Ice



Food television series go far beyond traditional cooking shows these days. Chefs, restaurateurs, journalists and marketers are taking Emeril Lagasse seriously by kicking food TV up a notch. The latest is Reserve What’s Next, a three-part film series developed by Chase Sapphire and directed by David Gelb, the creator and director of Chef’s Table on Netflix. The three episodes are available to watch free of charge on YouTube as well as Meridian, Vox Creative’s travel site.

The first episode is available now and features chef Mads Refslund of Noma and Acme fame. Since leaving Acme in 2015, he’s been working on a new restaurant called Fire and Ice in Williamsburg. On the show, he and James Corden discuss the restaurant as well as Refslund’s Nordic food philosophy.

Few details of his latest venture are known, including the address of the soon-to-open spot, but he does share some sneak peeks at his cooking style, including  fish cooked in sand, vegetables smoked with liquid nitrogen and foraged moss—all of which will make it so food lovers don’t need to travel all the way to Copenhagen for the perfect Instagram.

While his methods may feel complicated, Refslund assures his new restaurant will serve as the future of dining, made with the desire to “be more simple and don’t pollute the food.” 

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