There’s a New 100 Percent New York State Apple Brandy on Shelves Now

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neversink spirits apple brandy
NeverSink spirits was launched two years ago by Noah Braunstein and Yoni Rabino, two youngish New Yorkers looking to leave desk jobs and do something that felt more meaningful with their lives.

Rainy weather have you cranking the Feist and revisiting Chuck Palahniuk’s haunting Brandy Alexander, the speechless  Queen Supreme? Might as well give in to a brandy-themed week and buy yourself a bottle of the good stuff: the new distillery NeverSink Spirits, which we covered in our holiday issue, just released an unaged apple brandy made from 100 percent New York State apples. Their first-ever batch is available at Prospect Wine Shop, Brooklyn Wine Exchange, the Greene Grape and a few other spots around the city.

While they planted their own orchard in Connecticut in 2013, they’re still a few years away from harvesting their own fruit. In the meantime, they’re sourcing from nearby orchards. The inaugural batch includes Macintosh, Empire, Cortland, Gala, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples. “Since we are making an unaged spirit, the aromatics of the fruit are essential to making a good product,” co-founder Noah Braunstein tells us. “The varieties and farms change with what’s available.”

NeverSink is one of the founding members of The Food Cycle, a socially and ecologically conscious good food collective in our region. Their practices include composting spent grains on their own farm and planting heritage apple varietals. Keep an eye on this fledgling distillery- they’ll be releasing a gin late this summer and they’re already aging bourbon and brandy in barrels. And for a little additional Brandy inspiration, see Noah’s summer cocktail recommendation below.

NeverSink Sour

2 oz NeverSink Apple Brandy
1 oz lemon, freshly squeezed juice
1 oz mint simple syrup
Splash of soda optional

Fill glass half full with ice, add brandy, lemon, simple syrup and stir. Garnish with fresh mint and a sliver of lemon.

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