Heritage Radio Network Teaches Students How to Make Radio Stories From Scratch

heritage radio network
heritage radio network
Credit: Facebook/Heritage Radio Network


Even though I’m still good friends with my prom date (we’re actually roommates now), there aren’t many things that make me want to go back to high school. But Heritage Radio Network’s high school scholarship program, had it existed in 2010, definitely would’ve taken the sting off of having a curfew.

The program, which has already named several Saxelby Radio Scholars for this year, teaches students how to make radio stories from scratch. This year’s scholars were selected from the Rockaway area and their stories range from working at GrowNYC’s Youthmarkets to a Nigerian student’s take on the cheap food she finds in the United States. “In a world where teens are bombarded by multi-million dollar advertising campaigns telling them what to eat — these young leaders are standing up to share their stories, in their words, and we look forward to using the power of our network to amplify their voices,” said Erin Fairbanks, executive director of Heritage Radio Network, in an announcement released last week.

The stories will be finished in the Spring of 2015, and a committee will select two winners to receive scholarships totaling $4,500. You’ll be able to hear the final cuts on HRN’s website.

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