AmazonFresh Launches in Brooklyn

Shot not taken in Brooklyn, but you’re likely going to see these green trucks on the street soon. Credit: Facebook/AmazonFresh


Winter is coming, which means the two blocks between my apartment and the grocery store are feeling exponentially longer as the days grow shorter. Plus, my nearest grocery store isn’t even particularly well-stocked (a recent fruitless search for dried or fresh chipotle peppers ended in bitter disappointment) and I still struggle to remember to bring my reusable bags. Although it pains me to give up on the idea of the marketplace as an important communal space (my mom regularly answers questions from twenty-something male strangers about how to buy produce, and a friend’s sibling recently attended a “singles night” at the nearby supermarket) come January I know I’m going to be tempted to shop exclusively on AmazonFresh , the new grocery delivery service that brings fresh fruits and vegetables straight to your door.

The service arrived in Brooklyn this week, and I have to admit I’m impressed with their sourcing. You can shop at Gotham Greens, Red Hook Lobster Pound and Rawpothecary in one place without leaving your house. If you spend more than $35, delivery is free and your order arrives that day. Although the site boasts robust local meat, seafood and dairy options, its produce section does not offer much information beyond state of origin and whether or not the product is certified organic. You’re still better off shopping at the farmers market, joining a CSA or checking out other delivery services for the most transparent veg, but we’ll forgive you if you really, really need guacamole ingredients delivered to your doorstep when the sun is setting before 5:00.

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