We’re in High Maintenance

We could watch this clip til our lungs collapse.

We are heavy users of the genius online show about Gotham tokers called High Maintenance (get it?). Each webisode features a different apartment that calls upon a dealer for some contraband delivery—where do we get his number?— and while we’ve heard marijuana isn’t addictive, the show most certainly is. We’ve been known to miss deadlines by watching “just one more” until it’s cashed.

So imagine our dopey grins when a new “Elijah” episode opened with someone reading aloud from the current issue of Edible Brooklyn. The fake profile of a Blue Hill at Stone Barns cook turned in-home caterer definitely sounds like us IRL, but we can’t take credit for the high-larious hijinks that follow.

The final scene is for people of (il)legal smoking age, whatever that is. Now if only we could get “the guy” to join our members benefits program…

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