Tell Us Why You Love Your CSA

The only downside of summer vacations (I know, I know…I shouldn’t complain) is that I’m often out of town come pick up day for my farmshare.  What’s a vacationing locavore to do?  I usually give my share to a friend who will be appropriately wowed by the organic edamame and sweet corn, but still, there’s just nothing sadder than knowing I’ve missed out on my week’s worth of peak season, local produce.

When my partner and I came home from Vermont last week to an empty fridge, we vowed to get up early come Saturday morning and see if we couldn’t at least get some decent heirloom tomatoes at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket (we were in luck, as you’ll see in the photo).  But I’m curious, what do you do when you miss your farmshare?  And what do you do if you pick it up and have to leave town the next day?

Also, I love, love, love my CSA.  In the summer and fall I get organic veggies and eggs from Garden of Eve, a farm located on the East End of Long Island.  In the winter I get frozen produce from Winter Sun Farms.  What’s your CSA and why do you love it?

Michael Harlan Turkell

Michael Harlan Turkell is a former photo editor of Edible Brooklyn, who walked the borough in sights of cultural cuisine at its best. Now he travels the world doing the same, bringing these ideas and foods to light as a photographer.


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