A Petition to Get Prospect Heights a Real Chinese Restaurant

Live in Prospect Heights? Your neighbor Blake Eskin requests your help. His appeal to your palate below:

Subject: The local Chinese Food crisis—and what you can do to help

Friends and neighbors,

You may have heard me joke over the past few years that I wanted to quit my job at The New Yorker so I could devote myself to attracting a decent Chinese food to Prospect Heights.

Well: http://www.blakeeskin.com/2012/04/prospect-heights-deserves-better-chinese-food

Executive summary: I’m trying to collect names to prove that there is a large, hungry audience for great Chinese food in these parts.

What I am asking you to do:

1. Sign the petition. To keep this under fifteen seconds, you can skip straight to the petition:

2. Spread the word.


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