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SloMoSF Comes to Brooklyn: For Three Nights Only, a Seven-Course Cali-Style Ramen Feast

In Brooklyn, they’ll apply their approach to seven courses of what’s in season here and now, and what their host Sweet Deliverance has told us about the menu is pretty mind-blowing. They’re making homemade Japanese pickles with kirby cukes, watermelon radishes, Asian turnips and their own King Trumpet mushrooms plus persimmon/star anise/honey cinnamon syrup for the cocktails (whiskey, lemon soda, citrus bitters and a cognac float); while the SloMo boys are doing stuff like housemade ramen noodles with short rib stock, sake steamed clams and smoked shishito peppers and Japanese fried chicken. It’s $90 for seven courses, and that includes beer and sake too. Our biggest worry is how many nights to go.