St. John Frizell

      Save Fort Defiance: Buy Junk Bonds Today!

      Many of our friends in Red Hook, like St. Frizell, owner of the area’s much beloved cafe and bar Fort Defiance, are struggling to get their businesses up and running again. Frizell reached out with this plea for help rebuilding, which we thought we’d share:

      Best Food Writing 2012: We Made the Cut!

      We’re pretty proud of the work we do here at Edible, but it’s nice to hear when other people like what we publish (who doesn’t enjoy a compliment here and there?). The recently released Best Food Writing 2012 includes two stories from Edible Manhattan, as well as several stories from our sister Edibles around the country.

      How to Open a Restaurant the Hard Way

      “In dark moments—and there were a lot of dark moments—I would calculate how many cappuccinos I needed to sell to pay off, say, the plumber. The number was always in the tens of thousands.” So reads an often-hilarious piece in the new issue of Gourmet Live by St. John Frizell on his decision to quit his food mag marketing gig to eventually open a restaurant.