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Only in Williamsburg: Locavore Gift Baskets at the Corner Store

We probably don’t have to tell readers with tendencies toward procrastination that a great last-minute holiday gift is a few of any of the products we cover in our pages. This year that’s even easier courtesy Depanneur, the specialty foods, corner store and sandwich shop on the corner of Wythe Avenue and North Third Street in Williamsburg. The place (it’s kind of like a gourmet bodega) assembled a few not-your-grandma’s gift baskets made up of mainly locally made goods in cool old wire-frame boxes we wouldn’t mind keeping around.

Chozen Ice Cream’s Newest Flavor? Coffee Talk, Joining Ronne’s Rugelach and Matzoh Crunch Made with Help from Brooklyn Bakers

You likely don’t have to be Jewish to get the “certain inside jokes and elements” that go into the flavor profiles of Chozen ice cream, says co-founder Meredith Fisher, but an appreciation for Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm probably helps. Chozen is a small, family-run, certified Kosher ice-cream brand conceived by Fisher, her mother Ronne and her sister Isabelle Krishana one night as they sat around the dining table and paired vanilla ice cream with Ronne’s homemade rugalach eaten right from the freezer. That became their first flavor–cinnamon ice cream swirled with pieces of apricot, walnut, raisin and almond pastry–which launched in June 2010 along with Matzoh Crunch and Coconut Macaroon.

Heritage Meats Opens a Shop at the Foot of the Williamsburg Bridge

Until now Brooklyn’s Heritage Foods only sold its meats directly to chefs and restaurants or online, serving as broker between small family farms who can’t afford to process their proteins and city customers who want sustainably sourced meat. Last week they moved into real brick and mortar digs, in what used to be Jeffrey’s Meat Market in the Essex Street Market.