Brian Halweil, Editor in Chief @brianhalweil

Brian writes from his home in Sag Harbor, where he and his family tend a home garden and oysters. He is also obsessed with ducks, donuts and dumplings.

Ariel Lauren Wilson, Editor @ariellauren

Lauren grew up on her family’s farm in the North Carolina mountains. She now lives in Brooklyn, where she keeps inedible oysters with the Billion Oyster Project and is a Slow Food NYC board member. Lauren is also a 2018 Stone Barns Exchange Fellow.

Morning swim

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Bridget Shrivell, Digital Strategy Editor @breeshirvell

Bridget grew up in Mystic, CT and now lives in the Bronx where she is slowly getting to know her new neighborhood and Upper Manhattan. She’s obsessed with the beach, coffee and simple things.

Carrington Morris, Contributing Editor @ccabellmorris

Carrington is a contributing editor and copy editor at Edible.

Victoria Marin, Social Media Editor @vixmarin

Victoria is originally from west LA, which means she loves Mexican food and Korean BBQ (and is definitely in favor of well-executed fusion attempts).  She lives in Brooklyn, where she tends an earnest little garden, spends way too much time trying to capture the perfect pictures of her dog, Orly, and constantly daydreams about the next time she can use her passport.

Chloe Hoeg, Designer @chloeeesi

Chloe is a Pittsburgh native in a long distance relationship with NYC. She currently designs from a nook in Boston where she also spends time drawing, cooking and mainlining coffee. When she isn’t busy working she can usually be found hanging out with a cat (or two).

Liz Clayman, Photo Editor @lizclayman

Liz is a native Mainer, now longtime Brooklynite. She is a freelance photographer and photo editor, specializing in the culinary industry. Speaking of, her last meal would be a hunk of gooey cheese, a loaf of bread and a gallon of crisp white wine.

Publishing, Advertising and Events

Stephen Munshin, Publisher

Kerri Deuel, Publishing Manager

Kerri lives and works on the East End where the beach and trails bring her peace. She thinks pasta is a perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Meg Savage, Business Development & Experiential Initiatives, @megsavagenyc

Meg lives and works in Brooklyn. On weekend mornings she can be found with her family enjoying pancakes from their (slightly wobbly) kitchen table. She loves flannel sheets, hot toddies, a good cider and promising her husband that one day she will try sushi.

Michaela Johnson, Event Manager

Michaela recently started making her own vanilla extract to use in her many baking adventures. Since failing miserably to grow her own windowsill herbs, she has been dreaming of the day she has a small plot of land to grow her own edible garden.