Our Weekly Giveaway: Win an ‘Ulli’s Oil Mill’ Local Pumpkin Oil + Protein Duo


Enter to Win an ‘Ulli’s Oil Mill’ Local Pumpkin Oil + Protein Duo

Good Food Award winner Ulli’s, Austrian-style Pumpkin Seed oil—stamp-pressed in Long Island City from New York Finger Lakes organic pumpkins—is the only local and organically grown pumpkin seed oil in the U.S.

The stamp-pressing produces the specific “Austrian style pumpkin seed oil” taste—thick, balsamic like, nutty with fine-roasted aromas. This versatile oil is great on salads, squash soups, scrambled eggs and even vanilla ice cream!

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Austrian native Ulrike Sitter transforms the left-over press cake from her pumpkin seed oil into an upcycled protein powder. Rich in protein (60%), it is delicious in smoothies, yogurt, waffles, pancakes and gluten-free baking. Or use it instead of bread crumbs, for bread baking and in quiche or vegetable tartes. Also makes a great meat rub added to thyme, rosemary, salt and a bit of pumpkin oil.

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