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Microbe Safari at Brooklyn Brainery

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E coli Ag Res Mag

According to the event organizers:

“Our body is composed of about 30 trillion cells, which may seem like a lot, until you consider the fact that we are host to 100 trillion bacterial cells. Combine that with the fact that only 2% of our DNA is used to make proteins to perform cell functions, and 8% of our DNA is virus sequence. Our body is essentially a host to viruses, fungi, protozoans, and bacteria! Don’t worry, most of them are pretty good and help keep us alive!

So, come and explore the diversity of wildlife that lives on, in and around our bodies – in this Microbe Safari! We’ll hunt down the 5000 indigenous bacterial species that live in our mouth! We’ll investigate how our DNA is essentially a crypt to ancient viral infections, some of which occurred 250 million years ago! We’ll also try to not make you throw up as we discuss worms!”


Brooklyn Brainery
190 Underhill Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238 United States
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