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Learn How to Cook

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From our organizers:

Learn How to Cook at the Brooklyn Kitchen! This series is designed to take you from novice cook to culinary rockstar in just 7 weeks. Students will gain legit knife skills, master multiple meat preparations, learn to elevate dishes with sauces, get confident with yeasted doughs and desserts, make fresh pasta like a champ, and more! Our objective? To get you the skills you need to make satisfying meals for yourself and those around you. It’s time to throw that dinner party you’ve always dreamed of. It’s time to learn how to cook!

Classes are on Mondays at 7pm starting on June 4, and will run consecutively for 7 weeks (excluding the week of July 2).

June 4 – Knife Skills

Topics include mise en place, organization and efficiency in the kitchen; slicing, dicing, and mincing; stir-frying; balancing flavors; fermentation

June 11 – Meat

Topics include safe handling, breaking down chicken, seasoning, braising, the Maillard reaction, breading

June 18 – Sauces and Condiments

Topics include emulsified sauces (vinaigrette and aioli), mornay sauce, herb sauce, pan sauce

June 25 – Dough

Topics include yeasted dough, pasta dough, pate a choux, gluten formation and kneading

July 9 – Fish

Topics include searing, steaming en papillote, raw preparations, poached preparations, shucking oysters

July 16 – Desserts

Topics include buttercream, creaming method for cakes, whipping cream, mousse, clafoutis

July 23 – Culmination

Students will apply what they’ve learned from the previous 6 weeks to execute a multi-course meal without recipes!

Students will enjoy a full meal at the end of every class.

Price of class includes printed materials, a notebook and pen, a bench scraper, and an apron. Knives will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.