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Knife Skills 2.0

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According to the event organizers:

“Isn’t it time? Aren’t you ready to finally up your ‘A’ game in the kitchen? Been itching to learn how to break down a whole chicken and skin a fish filet?

What’s taken you so long?!

We all know cooking begins with your knife. Yet, wielding a chef’s knife through carrots is only the start. If you are already comfortable prepping veggies with a dice, slice, julienne, and mince and you want to take your knife skills to the next step, this class is designed for you.

We will start class with a brief review of the basics, honing in on percision. Then we will quickly dive into more advanced techniques that will help to streamline your meal prep and leave you with more time OUT of the kitchen. In two and a half hours, the curriculum will include:

    • Core and shave fennel for salads;
    • Peel citrus zest for cocktails and supreme citrus sections for salads;
    • Break down a whole chicken for a cheap, simple supper;
    • Skin a salmon filet and dice shallots for salmon burgers.

Each participant will have the option to take home their chicken ready to slide into the oven in an oven safe, disposable roasting pan. At the end of class, we will also enjoy salmon sliders and a fennel and citrus salad prepared with the fruits of your labor!

Prerequisites & Format of the Class:

To be successful in this class, you and your chef knife need to have a healthy relationship. You should be comfortable moving your knife across the board in a pinch grip, and know the basics of how to dice, mince, julianne and slice vegetables. Each student will be provided with knives, a cutting board, and an apron at their own work station. Please come prepared to stand for the majority of the class in comfortable, close toed shoes. Chairs can be provided, if you need a break.

You will also be handling raw meat. We will provide gloves and we will be asking each student to be very conscious in washing their hands and their work surfaces after handling raw meat. If you have ethical or cultural restraints in preparing meat, this class may not work best for you.”


Brooklyn Brainery Prospect Heights
190 Underhill Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238 United States
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