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Climate Change: Causes, Effects, And Why It’s A Big Deal

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According to the organizers:

“What is climate change? Why should I care? And what can I do?

Climate change is real. Most of you probably agree with that statement, but maybe you don’t understand what that means beyond that it’s what you’re supposed to believe as a good Democrat. Maybe you recently saw something that implied the current warming was part of a natural cycle and that seemed plausible. Well, if you want to delve a little deeper about the causes and effects of climate change, to what extent it’s caused by humans, and why a rise in temperature of only a couple degrees celsius is seen as such a big deal, then this class is for you.

And while we’ll look at the science and refute some of the common arguments put forth by skeptics, this class is decidedly for non-scientists.

By the end you’ll have a good handle on what we mean by climate change as well as what the United States and the world are doing to combat it. We’ll also look at lifecycle cost,whole-systems thinking, and the relative value of actions you can take in your own life to address it.

At a minimum you’ll be able to put your climate-change-denying uncle in his place at the next family get-together.”


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