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Cider: A World Tour of Apple Booze

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According to the organizers:

“Once the most consumed tipple of colonial America, cider had a rather terrible 20th century in the US. Prohibition, big beer and the flight to cities transformed the noble booze into an afterthought, suitable only for the gluten intolerant or your weird friend who doesn’t like beer.

Luckily, the rest of the world didn’t stop drinking cider. Join cider expert and culinary anthropologist John McCarroll on a world tour of apple booze. We’ll begin in cider’s birthplace in Spain (!), quaffing muy macho sidras and talking about fermentation methods. Then we’ll head to France for some barnyardy and funky cidres from Brittany. Later on, we’ll sample a bit of something tannic and rip-roaring from the British Isles, steering very clear of anything with a whiff of Magners. If all goes to plan, we’ll end up back home, drinking the fruits of the current US cider revolution, complex, assertive and just a bit brash.

For each segment, you can expect to taste a classic cider and get quite a few suggestions of new and cool stuff to seek out, as well as a huge dose of history, tasting notes and food pairings. We’ll go into the nitty-gritty on production methods, sure, but we won’t solely be dorking out, so expect there to be a lot of relevant and fun information for beginners too.”


Brooklyn Brainery Prospect Heights
190 Underhill Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238 United States
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