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Lobster Roll Love

In New York City, the once humble fisherman’s lunch on a buttered hot dog bun has been elevated to cult status via abundant sweet-meat treats at Red Hook’s Lobster Pound, Pearl Oyster Bar, Luke’s, the Mermaid Inn, Littleneck, and so many more. But the one I dream of most often comes from a food truck in parking lot in Southold, New York.

SloMoSF Comes to Brooklyn: For Three Nights Only, a Seven-Course Cali-Style Ramen Feast

In Brooklyn, they’ll apply their approach to seven courses of what’s in season here and now, and what their host Sweet Deliverance has told us about the menu is pretty mind-blowing. They’re making homemade Japanese pickles with kirby cukes, watermelon radishes, Asian turnips and their own King Trumpet mushrooms plus persimmon/star anise/honey cinnamon syrup for the cocktails (whiskey, lemon soda, citrus bitters and a cognac float); while the SloMo boys are doing stuff like housemade ramen noodles with short rib stock, sake steamed clams and smoked shishito peppers and Japanese fried chicken. It’s $90 for seven courses, and that includes beer and sake too. Our biggest worry is how many nights to go.

On Thursday Night Manhattan’s Best Japanese Restaurants Will Gather … In Brooklyn

Most of us in Brooklyn have heard of Sakura Matsuri, the Japan-centric spring festival the Botanic Garden hosts each May when the cherry blossoms bloom. But you can have a Matsuri in fall too, and that’s exactly what’s going down at Brooklyn Brewery on November 10, thanks to the non-profit Gohan Society, which promotes Japan’s culinary culture here in the States.

The Editor of Edible East End Visits Isa, Perhaps Transversing Not Just the L.I.E but the Time-Space Continuum

For this Long Island boy Brooklyn sometimes seems endless. Like when you can exit the Bedford Avenue L station in Williamsburg, as we did last week, and head half a mile south on Wythe Avenue and come upon a whole neighborhood of little food shops and new and renovated condos that didn’t seem to exist a few years go. Perhaps its this vast newness–realtors citywide, we’re told, are now pushing the part of Williamsburg called the Southside–that was part of the inspiration for Isa on South Second Street.

When Fall’s Chill Arrives, It’s Mighty Uighur Meat Pies We Crave, Baked Just Off Brighton Beach

As the weather gets seriously chilly, the one thing we crave is the lamby cooking of the Uighurs, the Asian Muslims who hail from the part of the world where Asia reaches toward Russia. Back in 2006, we were enchanted by an article in the Times by Julia Moskin called The Silk Road Leads to Queens, about the food of those from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as Afghanistan and western China: like these lamb-stuffed pasties called samsa.