EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Flatbush Fig Farm

Accidental fig farmer Nelson Ryland runs the family business with the help of his two oldest sons, Jack, 6, and Sam, 4. At the company headquarters—a beautiful Victorian house in Ditmas Park–fig tree cuttings spill out into every available space.

Save New Amsterdam Market!

City Council members will vote Wednesday whether to allow rezoning on Pier 17 and the East River waterfront in Lower Manhattan, a move which would allow the iconic, city-owned Fulton Fish Market buildings to be destroyed and replaced with a luxury high-rise complex whose details have not been disclosed to the public.

There’s Still Time to Sign Up for A Winter CSA of Frozen Local Produce

Eating local in New York 12 months a year used to be challenge. It took planning and hard work–canning, drying and making jam, or else you’d end up eating stored root vegetables all winter. But now, thanks to pioneering upstate farmers, we city dwellers can eat Hudson Valley produce–without suffering one bit!–all winter long. The trick? Winter CSAs of frozen local produce.