Edible Events

Craft Beer on My Mind

As I sit here, sipping this Summer Weizen Ale from Smuttynose Brewing Company and feeling a heck of a lot better about this work day, I’ll tell you reasons why you, my fellow suds lovers, should be drinking beer soon, too.

Our Fancy New iPad App Works (Finally!)

Several weeks ago we promised you all, dear readers, that you could read to our first-ever H20 issue on your iPad. Wouldn’t that have been great? Unfortunately, thanks to some sort of iTunes disappearing act, the app vanished the moment we told you about it. But now it’s back!

EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Sipping from Beakers and Toasting with Test Tubes at the World Science Festival Gala

Last week, New Yorkers sipped from beakers and toasted with test tubes at the World Science Festival Gala. Over hors d’oeuvres, dinner and desserts prepared with carbon dioxide tanks, high-speed evaporators and centrifuges, attendees celebrated the 60th anniversary of James D. Watson’s co-discovery of the structure of DNA.