Could Apple Become the New Grape?

It’s too soon to tell, but the tides, they are a changing. Sales of cider were up 23 percent last year and big beer manufacturers are buying stakes in the emerging market, says David Flaherty, operations and bar manager at Hearth and Terroir Wine Bars and a blogger of all things alcoholic. And at least for one day the humble apple ruled the roost at the Astor Center.


Eat Drink Local Week has finally arrived and it’s going to be a hot one. So it’s your duty, really, to enjoy a bottle of chilled rose–one of our featured local ingredients of the week. In our Edible Guide you’ll find links to dozens of wine shops around the city where you can pop in a grab a bottle.

FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: Local Berry Rosado Cocktail

Hot days like today call for cold drinks. Check out this recipe for an all local cocktail called the Local Berry Rosado, which is served at Nick and Toni’s in Manhattan and features vodka from Finger Lakes Distilling–one of New York state’s first small-batch spirits startups.


With summer just two days away, temperatures are rising and so is our thirst. What better way to beat the heat than a cold beer? In our Edible Guide, you’ll find links to over 20 beer bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn where you can grab a draft, a can or a bottle of your favorite brew.